Retrofit Rebate

We know a lot of environmental types who are say that they are sickened by the various government energy rebates and energy star rebates that are being offered by the government to Canadians in order to entice them into installing energy saving technologies in their homes and businesses. They feel that everyone should simply be doing it out of their sense of justice and humanity. However, at Save Energy Lighting we wholeheartedly disagree with such elitist statements and believe that any idea which ends with more people doing their part to save energy in Canada is a great idea.

The energy star rebate and various other government energy rebates can cover as much as 80% of the costs of retrofitting your property with energy saving lighting, making the process currently more affordable than it has ever been before. Unfortunately, the application process for these rebates can consist of several page documents full of dense legal language which can confuse and frustrate many people to the point where they either give up or end up being declined because of incorrectly filled out forms. Don’t get discouraged though, as bleak as that may sound, there is hope.

We didn’t want to hear the horror stories that accompanied so many of our competitors regarding customers who ended up being denied–or never sent in their energy saving rebate application because they simply get too frustrated. This is why we offer to not only fill out their forms but complete the entire application process on behalf of our customers. Whether you manage properties all across the province or simply manage your own household, we understand that you have a busy life and have better things to do than fight your way through confusing government forms.

For some great ‘Green Living’ tips that can save you big money though energy saving products and government programs, check out this fantastic website maintained by the city of Toronto.