Energy Efficient Lighting Products

  • T8, T5, T5HO, LED AND GU24 Enerty Star Rated Fluorescent Lamps/Fixtures
  • Hi-Bay HID Upgrades to efficient T5 or T8 fixtures
  • Motion Sensors and Photocells to increase Efficiency
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Our Services

  • Energy Audit
  • Retrofit Consultation
  • Retrofitting
  • Lighting Solutions
  • Retrofit Rebate
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Retrofit/Upgrade Lighting Solutions

  • Highly Efficient T8 Lighting Systems
  • Commercial & Residential Applications
  • T5 Architectural Fixtures
  • Huge Savings on Hi-Bay Installations
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Rebate Incentive Programs

  • Government Programs Lead To Big Savings
  • Highest Return on Investment Among Energy Saving Technologies
  • 25 – 50% Rebates Currently Being Offered to Offset Initial Costs
  • Act Now Before It’s Too Late!
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Welcome Save Energy Lighting

Over the past few years there have been huge advances in the field of green and energy saving technology. This innovation has been driven at unprecedented rates by both public demand and the need for everyone to do their part in the recent downward spiral that both our economy and environment have experienced

It may be a simple coincidence that people have decided to save energy in Canada in order to both save money and the environment at the same time, but at Save Energy Lighting, we saw it as a calling. We were founded in 1990 to provide energy saving products at wholesale prices that will always be lower than any of our competition. In response to these growing trends, the national and provincial governments have begun to offer several energy rebate programs in addition to the long standing energy star rebate.

At Save Energy Lighting, we understand that many of you have exceptionally busy lives and that the paperwork for these rebates can easily be pushed aside and forgotten before it’s ever sent in. This is a huge waste as the government energy saving rebates can add up to significant savings, covering as much as 80% of the total retrofitting costs. We realized this problem early on when the offers were first extended to the business which is why we offer to take care of the entire rebate process for all of our customers. We have filled out countless copies of these forms and have the application process down to a science so we can assure you that you will always get the greatest government energy rebate value possible.

If you’re looking to save energy in Canada; whether it’s a simple purchase a few high efficiency light bulbs and fixtures for your home or a complete retrofit of an apartment complex, we can handle it. Give us a call today to see what Save Energy Lighting can do to improve your lighting situation and save you money.

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