Our Services

Energy Audit

Have you ever sat down and wondered how much money you could save on your electrical bills every month? Now you can. This is where our expert energy audit comes in. Our professional staff can read how much energy you are currently using on a monthly basis and contrast that with the difference we can save. This comparison between old and new can give you an accurate estimate as to how much you’ll save every month and thereby how long it’ll take to pay off your energy saving retrofitting expenses.

Retrofit Consultation

Following the energy audit, the next step would traditionally be to conduct a retrofit consultation with one of our expert team members. Our team is specifically trained to take every variable into account and design the best plan to help you save energy in the Greater Toronto Area. Whether you’re looking to spend a small amount of money making small changes to your home, or a multi-million dollar upgrade on a group of industrial buildings, we can accommodate any budget.  Our breadth of knowledge over this wide range of projects allows us to adjust our techniques to give everyone the best possible consultation as opposed to some of our competitors who use a “one size fits all” approach.


In the ideal world, we would all live and work in “zero-energy” or even “energy plus” buildings which produce the amount of energy they use over the course of a year or even produce a surplus of energy. However, the vast majority of buildings which currently exist cannot reach that level. Therefore we must do the next best thing and that is to retrofit existing structures in order to maximize their ability to save energy in the Greater Toronto Area. We can accomplish this through various routes including energy saving light bulbs, fixtures and most importantly new usage habits. Tired of wasting money with lights that are on when no one is in the room, especially in the underground parking garage? Install motion detectors. Can’t remember to turn security lights on at night and off in the morning? Timers and daylight sensors can do wonders for your electrical usage by making sure those lights are on only when needed.

Lighting Solutions

Retrofitting is a major portion of our business, but it is not the only service we offer. If you’re in the market for low-cost, high-efficiency lighting solutions then you’ve come to the right place. We offer a full range of classic and modern lighting designs with the latest technology to help you save energy in the Greater Toronto Area where ever possible. If you’re looking for energy saving lighting solutions in the Greater Toronto Area, we can handle it.

Retrofit Rebate

In addition to the money you’ll save ever month on your energy bills, the hydro utility companies  currently offer retrofitting rebates to further offset the initial cost of improving your lighting systems. However, many business owners miss out on these huge benefits every year simply because they fail to fill out the required paperwork. This may seem like a careless mistake to make, until you finally see the forms. As with any government paperwork, they are packed full of technical terms and requirements that can quickly discourage even some professional contractors with years of experience in government red tape.

Don’t let this discourage you though–we’re here to help. Our staff has years of experience filling out these specific forms and are ready and willing to help you. We will walk you through every step of the process and make sure you receive the maximum rebate that you can qualify for. Taking the time to do this can drastically reduce the time required to offset the initial costs by refunding as much as half of the money you spend on the retrofit. Give us a call today or use our rebate calculator to get an idea of how much you can save by acting now.