About Us

About Us Save Energy Lighting founded 1990 and is based in Toronto, Ontario and dedicated to helping the people of the Greater Toronto Area retrofit their homes and businesses with the latest in energy saving technology. This business was born out of our passion to save energy in Canada for both environmental and economic reasons. Since we opened our doors, we have done everything from selling individual high efficiency light bulbs and fixtures to complete energy saving retrofits on apartment and office buildings for property management companies. These may seem like opposite ends of the efficient lighting solutions spectrum and from a monetary aspect they most certainly are. However, both customers are equally important to us as we feel it’s important that we help everyone to do their part, no matter how large or small, to reduce their ecological impact on the world by doing what they can to save energy in Canada.

The current government energy rebates and energy star rebate have made it easier than ever to retrofit the lighting in your building. These rebates can cover 50% of the final cost of replacing your current lighting systems with high efficiency light bulbs and fixtures that will allow you to make up the remaining upfront costs quickly with the monthly savings they will provide.

No matter what size project you’re planning, we are the lighting contractor for you. We have a wide variety of energy saving light bulbs, ballasts, pot lights and fixtures and sell them at wholesale prices to our customers, which assure that you will end up paying less for your project. Whether you’re buying a single fixture or remodeling several apartment buildings, Save Energy Lighting guarantees we can save you money on your project.

If you’re interested in learning how you can save energy, we can help. The numerous upsides replacing your current lighting systems include lower monthly utility bills and that warm, fuzzy feeling you get from knowing you’re doing the right thing for the world that we all have to share. Our biggest selling point though is the downside, there isn’t any downside. You’ll save money on a monthly basis, use less energy and help the environment so stop delaying and give us a call today.