Rebate Incentive Programs

The Canadian government is currently offering unprecedented rebates to anyone who makes proper strides to save energy in Canada. Somehow, many Canadians are currently under the impression that these rebates are extremely difficult to qualify for, an impression which has unfairly held many of them back from taking those first steps.

Now is the time to take advantage of these rebates as they will not last forever. Save Energy Lighting offers a simple 4-step process which allows you to have us do the majority of the paperwork while you sit back and receive the benefits.

One of the major driving factors behind these rebates has been the recent passage of laws mandating the eventual phase out of the T12 fluorescent lamp and magnetic ballast. These are the most widespread fixture and bulb currently in use across Canada and will require retrofits or upgrades over the next few years. Now is the time to upgrade to cost efficient T5 or T8 lighting options which will save both energy and money during the installation and for years to come.

The current government rebates are higher than anything we’ve ever seen before with your initial costs being offset by as much as 25% to 50% when you have a qualifying upgrade or retrofit performed by a licensed Master Electrician such as those on the Save Energy Lighting team. Buildings of all sizes and types qualify for these rebates regardless of size which means you can take advantage of them whether you’re upgrading your home or retrofitting an entire apartment complex; adding up to significant cost and energy savings.

In addition to the rebates, lighting retrofits have been proven to provide the highest ROI when compared to any other energy-efficient technology. Act now and take full advantage of these great offers before it’s too late.