Lighting Fixtures

LED Lighting Fixtures

At Save Energy, we offer a wide variety of high efficiency light bulbs and fixtures to fit a broad range of tastes no matter what they may be. We  feature all of the latest designs and classic styles which have merely been tweaked internally to provide the energy saving properties,  such as fluorescent or LED, or any other way you desire.  This wide selection of options provide our customers with the opportunity to experience the best of both worlds in that they are able to fulfill their personal design ambitions while still doing their part to save energy in Canada.

When choosing to do a full energy saving retrofit, the standard measurement seems to always be how long it will take for the monthly savings to make up for the initial investment.  This is one of the things that makes Save Energy Lighting a favorite contractor to both building owners and large scale property management firms alike. We can provide a wide variety of high efficiency light bulbs which we sell along with our high efficiency fixtures to our customers at wholesale prices allowing that initial investment to be as small as possible.

In addition to our low prices; the local, provincial and national governments across Canada are currently offering significant energy saving rebates to those that choose to upgrade their lighting as a way to save energy.  When properly applied, these rebates can cover as much of the upfront costs of the retrofit which further reduces the time required to break even on your investment. In order to make sure all of the forms are properly completed and submitted, we offer all of our clients the opportunity to have our experts take care of the whole process on your behalf. When you take us up on this offer, our experts will put their experience to work for you and make sure that you receive the maximum rebate available to you.