LED Lighting and Indoor, Outdoor LED Lighting Fixtures Thornhill

When most people think of Thornhill, they usually picture its old time feel and the seemingly slower pace of life associated with the past. While the latter is more wishful thinking than anything else and the people of Thornhill are just as busy and rushed as the rest of us, the town has done a fantastic job of preserving its historic buildings and image. However, just because you want to keep the historic look and feel of a building, that doesn’t mean you should have to settle for equally outdated light bulbs and fixtures.

At Save Energy Lighting, we now offer one of the widest selections of LED lighting products available and will help you find the perfect system for you. For businesses, our line of commercial LED lighting systems can provide superior lighting at a fraction of the operating costs found with traditional lighting options. Not only are our LED lighting products extremely efficient, they can also be customized to your needs so as to provide an ultra-modern look, maintain a classic interior or anything in between.

On the other hand, the majority of our business in Thornhill tends to be of the residential variety which we are equally adept at handling. Our indoor LED lighting options can cut your monthly utility bills to a fraction of their current rates through increased efficiency, with the top end bulbs using only a sixth of the energy used by a traditional incandescent bulb and having a lifespan nearly 30 times longer. As for outdoor LED lighting, it can be just as efficient and effective as our interior systems. Replacing a single incandescent security spotlight on a timer with an equivalent LED light and motion detector alone can save you significant money each and every month. Come by the store today to learn more and receive your free consultation, it’s the best way to finally get started on converting your home for a more efficient future.