North York

LED Lighting and Indoor, Outdoor LED Lighting Fixtures North York

North York is frequently cited as the most diverse of the municipalities which were merged in order to create current City of Toronto. When that is said, it most often refers to either the wide ranging financial status of the various residents or the multitude of backgrounds from which they come. However, there is another significant level of diversity that we have noticed through our work at Save Energy Lighting which also applies to North York.

As you may have guessed, the diversity we’re referring to revolves around LED lighting. While many of the regions within the Greater Toronto Area and even the city itself can be neatly labeled as ‘residential’ or ‘commercial’ based upon which of the two dominates in that given neighborhood, North York is one of the few exceptions. In more than twenty years serving the area, it is one of the very few areas in which we have performed roughly equal numbers of residential and commercial LED lighting retrofits. While some businesses and even residents may not see this level of diversity as a good thing, preferring a finely drawn dividing line between home and office, we think it’s great as we know there will always be work available to us in one field or the other.

But that’s not all; the diversity goes even deeper than that when you look into the reason why our customers choose to perform a residential or commercial LED lighting retrofit. While we support any reason that convinces you to make the switch to the superior efficiency of LED lighting, the two most common we hear have always seemed to be either money or environmentalism. However, the best part about LED lighting is no matter which of those reasons brought you to us, you get to leave with the benefits of both. Give us a call or stop by the store today for your free consultation and to learn more about the benefits you receive when you choose Save Energy Lighting to perform your LED lighting retrofit.