Toronto, as with most big cities, tends to have a higher cost of living than the surrounding suburbs. However, with this slightly higher cost, you receive the convenience of living in close proximity to nearly every store, business or destination you could possibly want. While the ability to get where you’re going on foot or by public transportation instead of driving offsets a large portion of the difference, there are still other ways you can further reduce it. One such way is to retrofit your home with an indoor LED lighting system from Save Energy Lighting.

As a locally owned, headquartered and run business Save Energy Lighting has spent more than two decades since we first opened our doors in 1990 fighting our way through the ranks to become the premiere LED lighting supplier for the region. Our residential and commercial LED lighting systems are consistently rated among the best on the market for affordability, lifespan and efficiency. Our LED lighting systems are so efficient that they not only qualify for the government efficiency rebates, but we will even fill out and file the paperwork on your behalf in order to assure that you receive the maximum amount for which you qualify.

The rebate calculator found on our website is a fantastic place to start as you can simply enter the specifics of your current lighting system and instantly see not only how much you could qualify for in rebates, but also the approximate cost of your retrofit project. After that, you can simply use our online quote form or call one of our LED lighting experts to find the answers to any questions you might still have and set up an appointment for your free consultation. Give us a call today, you have nothing to lose.