Kitchener, Ontario

LED Lighting Kitchener and Indoor, Outdoor LED Lighting Fixtures Kitchener

While not part of the Greater Toronto Area itself Kitchener, Ontario is only a short drive away and another of the areas in which Save Energy Lighting has done a large amount of its business. The people of Kitchener, Ontario have in many cases been amongst the earliest adopters of many new technologies including LED lighting and other green technology. Fortunately for us, Save Energy Lighting has made it our mission to seek out these early adopters and be among the first to install LED lighting in a given area so our name is guaranteed to be associated with LED lighting once it catches on.

Indoor LED lighting has steadily gained popularity in homes in recent years, but in many parts of the country commercial LED lighting still lags far behind. This is not only unfortunate but also counterintuitive for multiple reasons. First of all, industrial and commercial buildings automatically require more lighting fixtures and therefore more energy due to their sheer size. This should be reason enough to make the switch to commercial LED lighting due to the fact that they will save even more money with more efficient technology. The second reason is quite closely related to the first and arguably an even bigger incentive to retrofit their buildings with LED lighting solutions. Due to the large number of fixtures found in the typical commercial building, the cost to install a more efficient system is significantly higher than simply replacing all of the bulbs in your home. Because of this cost, many buildings are still using extremely outdated lighting systems which may be decades old and therefore even less efficient than one might at first assume.

However, Save Energy Lighting has changed all of that through our low prices and eligibility for government efficiency rebate incentives. Not only will we complete your LED lighting retrofit for less than you could possibly imagine, but we will also file the paperwork on your behalf for a rebate which could offset up to half of the upfront costs. Give us a call today to learn more, with our free consultation you literally have nothing to lose.