York Region, Toronto

The York Region, Toronto is filled with a wide array of both business and residential areas which many would say make up a fairly accurate representation of Canada as a whole. Because of this variety, Save Energy Lighting has performed nearly every type of LED lighting installation imaginable. Versatility has always been one of our strongest traits and we believe it is the key which has allowed us to not only survive but actually thrive in the competitive LED lighting industry. While there is no ‘typical’ job that we perform, there are a few different categories of jobs that we have performed our fair share of even though a large percentage actually involves elements of each category.

The first category would be the residential indoor LED lighting retrofit which most people picture anyway when they hear about the services we offer. These projects tend to be the smallest and simplest of the various services we perform, but that doesn’t make them any less important. These are also amongst our favorite jobs as we always love hearing back from customers after they receive their first utility bill and realize they are actually saving the money we promised they would.

The next most common category of job we perform in the York Region, Toronto is the commercial LED lighting installation. Much like the residential retrofits we perform, most people initially picture a replacement of the interior lighting systems of a building. This imagine isn’t incorrect as far as it goes, but it also doesn’t go far enough and leaves out the outdoor LED lighting which makes up a large portion of our commercial work. Parking lot and other exterior light fixtures account for a significant fraction of the energy usage in many buildings as they tend to be high wattage and left on for 10 or more hours each day. By retrofitting these applications to take advantage of high efficiency out LED lighting the energy savings can be staggering.

Stop by the store or give us a call to set up your free consultation and to learn more about the benefits of choosing Save Energy Lighting for your LED lighting retrofit. We’re ready to help you get started, but you have to take the first step.