Bolton, Ontario

LED Lighting Bolton and Indoor, Outdoor Fixtures LED Lighting Bolton Ontario

Bolton, Ontario is a great little rural community northwest of Toronto in the town of Caledon. As it is much more residential in nature than many of the cities we routinely work in, it is one of the few areas where commercial LED lighting systems make up the minority of our work. Don’t get us wrong, this is certainly not a bad thing by any means. At Save Energy Lighting we recognize the difference that can be made by converting a home to LED lighting right alongside the major conversions which we perform in large office buildings, parking garages and factories. When it comes to reducing energy usage and improving the environment with LED lighting Bolton Ontario, every bulb and fixture makes a difference.

When looking into a retrofit or at lighting options for a new construction home, the first thought most people have tend to revolve around indoor LED lighting as these lights are generally the most frequently used on a daily basis. This is fine in so far as it goes, interior lighting makes up a large percentage of the energy use in most homes and the installation of an indoor LED lighting system can cut that consumption by a huge percentage. However, while focusing on that portion of a home’s lighting, many homeowners completely ignore outdoor security and garage lights. A single outdoor spot light can use up far more energy than you might expect and many Canadians leave them on for 12 or more hours in a row every night without ever thinking of it. An equivalent outdoor LED lighting Bolton Ontario solution may cost slightly more at the time of installation, but when also considering its significantly lower energy consumption, especially if a motion sensor is installed along with it as opposed to a timer or light sensor.

Our team of experts is waiting to help you find the perfect LED lighting system for your home or business, they will not only help you through the entire process but also provide you with a free consultation and savings estimate upfront. However, they’re not mind-readers so contact us today to get started.