Whitby, Ontario

While Whitby, Ontario may not be one of Canada’s largest or most famous towns, it will always hold a special place in all of our hearts here at Save Energy Lighting. We have met great people in every city and town we’ve working in throughout our years installing LED lighting systems, but there is something special about the people in Whitby, Ontario. We’re not sure exactly what that special something is, but we’re always excited when we get a call from a new customer over there and the short drive from Toronto seems to fly by.

While we have certainly done our fair share of residential work in the area, there has always been a predominance of commercial LED lighting systems among our customers in the region. Whichever category your project might fall into and whether you’re looking for indoor LED lighting, outdoor LED lighting or both, Save Energy Lighting can help you find the perfect system to meet your requirements.

Our LED lighting systems are as efficient as you’ll find anywhere and can save you enough money on your monthly utility costs to quickly repay the upfront costs in full. In many cases, this time is made even shorter through the application of the Hydro efficiency rebate programs which can instantly earn you as much as half the cost of your LED lighting upgrade. At Save Energy Lighting, we understand that your life is already busy enough without having to fill out complicated government refund forms which is why we do all of that work for you. Stop by the store today to learn more about how we can save you money with a new high efficiency LED lighting system.