LED lighting has now been available to the general public for more than twenty years and after an extremely slow start, it has gradually gained speed and become the massive industry that it is today. One of the long time leaders in that industry is Save Energy Lighting which has been serving Vaughan and the rest of the Greater Toronto Area since 1990. As a full service company, we can provide you with the perfect system for your needs whether you’re looking for a small upgrade at your home or a multi-million dollar commercial LED lighting retrofit.

At Save Energy Lighting, we treat each and every one of our customers equally regardless of their project’s budget or scope. In our eyes, every little bit helps to lower our total energy consumption which not only helps the environment but also saves you money. Therefore, there is absolutely no reason why a commercial LED lighting retrofit should be considered any more important than a small residential project as they are both working toward the same goal.

Additionally, the government is currently offering a rebate incentive program for which the vast majority of our residential and commercial LED lighting installations qualify. The experienced team at Save Energy Lighting will file for these rebates on behalf to ensure you receive the maximum value you’re entitled to which generally equals at least 25% of the costs. Give us a call today to learn more about LED lighting systems and how we can help you consume less energy.